Unruly hair


I’m a beautician at Nice to meet Tokyo
Herai is Masahiro


Omotesando Harajuku Station complete a three-minute walk from Tokyo man-to-man, operating alone.
Order of curly hairstyle and shortcuts we run a beauty salon “MAX” in many cases.

It is a hairdresser, Herai Masahiro (Herai Masahiro).
I do not recommend hair care menu of all the salon customers. It does not sell.

To repair the hair there is really meaning, I want to recommend because there is to heal care, but there is no salon care since it is possible to clean even without.

Hair I have bad cleanly show’s in there to say how is the, but it is “Do cheat how?”. Since hair is to is not able to repair clean even if the hair care for killing cells not think technology, not on the menu.

But I believe that it let out the goods that can realize the quality of customer treatments and hair quality improvement had was a beauty salon that can be at home with home care future development.
After a successful “I even without salon care, and enough’s in Home Care” We wanted to be something that will help the people of the habit of suffering to the national of hair quality.









80 percent of Japanese have troubled with curly hair. I can what cute design just cut curly hair? We are thinking of. Do not cheat.

Even without the hair care Beauty Salons (g Re-Ment and hair quality improvement) we want to deliver the products that customers can become clean at home.
Curly hair by the time by day, or every year, it has changed. Not that I thought was not in such a hair type the old days?
Short of habit have two months! And annual time that has been subjected to a hairdresser will be less than half.

 Charming woman, hairstyle that there is sex appeal will save around (* ^^ *).
In particular curlyhair of the amount is oftenspread such as your worries person Come to.
Two months is a beauty salon that offers hair always be sustained.
Just anyone can be in short.
But, it also Irasshaimasu it tells them that it is not able to hairstyle that short curly hair is due! ? ? .
I wanted to short than there is that it has refused even to order?

70s ladies-only hair salon 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s.
Women can to continue the long time “beauty”, as who can also enjoy up to life to fulfill your ideal.
And we want to develop the home care products that can continue to clean yourself.
It hairdresser Herai Masahiro mission.

“Even stand to changes public hairstyle also become fond of.”

Curly hair troubles short that would cut short is likely to fit the longer the hair to meet each person you will dislike. Hairdresser basis to quite often those who do not cut short by fear because there is no opportunity to learn, that learning the shortcut of curly hair also.

In that case, “Hair can not be because curly hair short.” It is said that it seems wasted as people are often the hair quality improvement and treatments.

But meeting and I come in the wake of that I think that there was no meaning its salon care and home care. I hope so.

“Hairdresser” for me is life.

Feel your edge and I will continue to tell you to seriously hair care through the blog.

Hair care than design recently has been important, but ….

Actually hair I ache in the beauty salon.

Now of course hairdresser as is recommended treatments and hair quality improvement.

Hair will sorely.
you … that it is I feel as a matter of course.

Do you know or from where I bruise of hair born? .

Color and perm at 80% the beauty salon I hair of damage. It is something that happens from cut hair straightening.

And I what I want to say?

And that has not hurt me (hairdresser) Yet
Why do not Do not recommend treatments and hair quality improvement?

Customer and model’s general is quite different environment.

Anyway clean the model’s such as the fly is your profession that must not do not beautifully.

General customers it does not make sense, even as the place was clean with treatments and hair quality improvement.

Always … the important their customers are kindly please help yourself was his technology got to worry about the pain of immature for hair.
I’m where the poor of their own technology?
I would consider so I.

“We will have to worry about the hair of pain, I am sorry.”
and “Do cut hair that had sorely, I will be so no choice but from my treatment was of course free cheat.”

Do not take me? But it does not go so.
Hair is sorely it’s the responsibility of the hairdresser I not I’d better to the treatments and hair quality improvement!

is in many cases your own have also been brainwashed.
“Because I am a slob …”
I do not go unless you make iron winding and blow To keep a cute hairstyle.
Also Irasshaimasu that I thought.

I want to always learn the technology to become clean also you do not do anything.

Because the information is not too much to circulate about hair care. If what you believe I would not know how good.

Please I need to my original Once worrisome.

So long self-introduction statement (it does not have enough to write still is) Thank you for reading, everyone else until the end!

I want to be a hairdresser and Human remaining in customers.
You might also feel quite exaggerated (laughs)

Anyway, the day-to-day there is no stress in the perfect hairstyle!

Omotesando Harajuku, beauty salon MAX” is to take care of you from you feel free to overwhelming technology and complete one-on-one that can go much hairdresserHerai Masahiro anytime (^^)

Please feel free!
In particular, it will specialize in short of cute hairstyle elegant atmosphere in the habit. Eventually Although it is anything like (^ _-) – ☆


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